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Thousands of years of perfecting

Let’s talk about pizza. Wood fired pizza, to be exact. We have been researching and tasting wood fired pizzas for the past year. This authentic pizza is crafted with reverence to the old ways of communal cooking.

At Hoptown, we love this idea of cooking around the community oven. When we cook for your special event, we celebrate the fresh flavors and old style all in one setting. These apple wood fired creations cook perfectly in a pretty hot oven – up to 900 degrees.

Our cooking is all done in the wood fired oven creating an authentic pizza pie with thousands of years of proof in every lip smackin’ bite.


Yakima valley has a wide variety of local and authentic ingredients. Fire kissed and topped with this freshness, our pizzas create a local flavor that satisfies.

Fire Kissed to Perfection

Our pizzas create a local flavor


Our three-day, non-egg crust is a blend of ingredients that have been perfected to work with our wood fired oven. Come taste the difference!

Tastes great

Taste the difference


You will be able to find us at local events, like Tieton Cider in Yakima and Bale Breaker in Moxee this summer. You can also book us for your next catered event!

We are out and about

Local events

Common roots make a strong team and a tasty pizza.

Both Lori and I grew up as farmer’s daughters. And Lori, specifically, a hop farmer’s daughter. Home grown right here in the hop fields of the valley. We want to celebrate that home town culture with our fresh ingredients and community flavor. We give a respectful nod to the hard-working folks in this lovely little valley. Eat up!

Why Choose HopTown

  • Fresh and local ingredients give our pizza an authentic flavor
  • Crust recipe has been perfected over the last ten years
  • Our mobile cart brings this awesome taste to you
  • Out and about at local events, we are dedicated to our home town roots

Who Loves HopTown?

Yummyest pizza. I usually am not a pizza eater but this one I looking forward to going back. Loved it!!!


Great Pizza, great friendly atmosphere, nice social gathering spot with valley a valley flair!! We loved it!


Splendid pizza! I came back for two more pizza pies. The crust is unbelievable. My favorite is the HopDaddy.


We enjoyed your pizza today at the Ellensburg Fairgrounds. Crust was perfect and not overloaded with toppings… just right.

Mike and Melanie

I got to try HopTown Pizza for the first time this weekend at the Folk Festival. I am visiting from Portland, OR where we are very particular about our food and food carts. So when I say it was fantastic, delicious, and beautiful I mean it! You guys should seriously consider bringing this to Portland! I would love you for ever 🙂 Oh and shout out to the ladies working this weekend. They were very friendly, fun, and professional.

Nicole Allen

Amazing pizza! Jim and I tasted HopTown pizza at the Fresh Hop Ale Festival for the first time and the crust is sooo good. Angry Za was my favorite pizza. Good job, girls!